What flake food should I be feeding my tank? – Ryan H, NC

Posted on July 11 2017

What flake food should I be feeding my tank? – Ryan H, NC

This is a great question that pops up rather frequently at fish stores, shows, and events. Frozen foods, live foods, freeze dried foods, flake foods, pellet foods – the amount of choices are growing every year. Walk in to any fish store and you’ll see flake foods still reign supreme, and for good reason. They’re affordable, easy to use, and readily eaten by most fish. They also offer great shelf life, are easy to store, and easy to feed. This month we will take an in-depth look at flake foods and how you can pick the flavors that are right for your fish.

Just like you, fish don’t want to eat the same thing every day. Unfortunately, a lot of fish only get the same food day in and day out. This can lead to stagnant growth, digestive issues, loss or lack of color, and lethargy among other symptoms. Whenever we get asked which food is right for a specific tank, we always encourage multiple flavors to keep fish at their peak. That’s why we offer over 15 varieties of flakes, each one specifically blended to meet the dietary requirements of different fish. Our question this month comes from Ryan, who has a freshwater tank featuring barbs, tetras, angelfish, gouramis, and corydoras catfish. We refer to tanks like this as tropical community tanks, where various species of tropical fish are mixed together in the same environment. Here at Cobalt we offer many varieties that will work for this tank. For Ryan, I suggest a base of Cobalt Tropical flakes. This is a blend specifically designed for community aquariums and provides a great general diet for most tropical fish. In addition, I would supplement the Tropical flakes with Cobalt’s ULTRA Color flakes, a blend specifically designed to bring out vivid colors in tropical fish. Finally, I would also include Cobalt Mysis Spirulina flakes as a bi-weekly treat for your fishy friends. This blend of high protein mysis shrimp and nutritional spirulina algae is loaded with natural Omega 3s for continued good health.

Cobalt flake foods not only provide a balanced diet for your fish, but they also feature Probiotics and Prebiotics to ensure optimum digestive health. Better digestion means less waste, and less waste leaves a cleaner aquarium! Additionally, Cobalt’s flake foods all feature our unique Blue Flake, which is a specially formulated flake packed with triple the standard amount of vitamins and minerals. This ensures a healthy immune system and maximum growth potential in your fish.

At Cobalt, we know choosing the right foods for your fish can be a challenging task. We are always here to help you pick out the correct flake foods (or any other variety) for your pets. Also, all our labels have pictures of some of the fish that food is best suited for to help make choosing the right foods easier. Have mollies? Check out our Ultra Spirulina and Color flakes. Got tangs? Ultra Spirulina, Marine Vegi, and Mysis Spirulina are perfect for you. How about clownfish? I bet they can’t resist our Marine Omni or Brine Shrimp flakes!

Cobalt is working hard every day to bring your aquatic pets the absolute best in nutrition. Whether it be frozen, pellet, or flake foods, Cobalt is here to help!


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