Carbon Media

Cobalt Aquatics is proud to introduce a new complete range of filtration media that includes carbons, resins, blends, and media bags. The Super Pellet, Ultra Carbon, and the rechargeable Total Organic resin will remove dissolved organics, discoloration, odors, medications and impurities to make your water sparkle. Total Nitrate and Total Softener rechargeable high capacity resins are ready to help specific needs of removing nitrate from your tank water, and soften freshwater tanks for sensitive fish. Our freshwater blended media formulas are available in both the singe use Complete Freshwater formula and the rechargeable Total Freshwater version that will remove organics and nitrates, and soften the aquarium water. The Reef versions are also available in single use and rechargeable formulas. Complete Reef is a blend of Ultra Carbon, Total Nitrate, and Total Organics while Total Reef contains Total Organics and Total Nitrate for the ultimate in rechargeable chemical filtration of marine aquariums. Click Here for Usage Chart 

Cobalt Aquatics Carbon Media

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Super Pellet
From $ 12.97 - $ 36.97
Ultra Carbon
From $ 8.97 - $ 55.97