Anti-Nitrate Media

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  • Product Description

      Cobalt Anti-Nitrate is a high capacity resin that will rapidly remove nitrate from your aquarium water resulting in a healthy environment for your fish and invertebrates.
      Anti-Nitrate is safe for fish, plants and invertebrates
      Pre-bagged for easy use and replacement.

      Contains 2- 2.5oz bags

      FAQ Answered
      Cobalt Anti-Nitrate is a specific resin designed to remove nitrate from water, and should not be affected or clogged by organics, and should not remove any other cations in the water. It is recommended to use 1 bag per 26.4g (100 liters) of actual aquarium water to pull down 10mg/liter nitrate, more bags should be used proportionally if Nitrate is higher or larger tank to pull down Nitrates initially. When used regularly, regular testing should be performed to find correct amount a bags to equal nitrate production in aquarium.

      Example- in a 55gal aquarium (approx. 50gal of actual aquarium water) with Nitrate of 10mg/l, 2 bags should be used.
      Example-in a 29gal aquarium (approx 26gal of actual aquarium water) with Nitrate of 30mg/l, 3 bags should be used.