Total Freshwater

$ 17.97

  • Product Description

      Powerful and Rechargeable Organic Removing and Ion Exchange Resins

      Cobalt Aquatics' Total Freshwater is the ultimate in broad spectrum water purification media for freshwater aquariums. A powerful combination of Total Organics, Total Nitrate and Total Softener, this is our strongest all-in-one freshwater media blend. By removing dissolved organics, Total Freshwater removes colors and odors. Combined with powerful ammonium, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate and metal removing resins, it is a complete stand-alone chemical filtration system. Will not release bound materials when exhausted. ONLY FOR USE IN FRESHWATER.

      Will treat the following aquariums for up to 3 months:

      7.5 oz - up to 125 gal
      12 oz - up to 225 gal
      20 oz - up to 400 gal
      * Use 12 oz for each additional 100 gal

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