Authorized Online Resellers

We at Cobalt Aquatics take pride in our company, products and our reputation in the marketplace. Due to the combined, cohesive efforts of our independent retailers and distributors, we collectively share a significant and positive presence on the internet. However, there are some internet sales organizations whose practices do not support the positive brand image that Cobalt strives to maintain. We have selected authorized online resellers who share our values, integrity, and support of the aquarium hobby. Look for the “Cobalt Authorized Reseller” logo at approved online dealers.

Only products that are purchased online from a Cobalt Authorized online retailer are covered by our warranty. A purchase from a non-authorized online retailer means it was bought secondhand, even if it was never out of the box and was sold as “new,” and thus its warranty is null and void. Any product sold on an auction site is considered “secondhand,” and therefore not covered by the warranty also. Products purchased new from local fish stores, pet shops, boutiques, or other physical retail establishments are backed by Cobalt's 3 year warranty. Any Cobalt item purchased used is not covered by our warranty. 

All Cobalt Authorized Online Retailers are approved solely by Cobalt and agree to our policies and terms.