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The Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Glass fully submersible electronic heaters bring the legendary Neo-Therm state of the art electronic thermostat technology and reliability to glass heaters with a ±0.7°F accuracy.

An easy to set and read push-button thermostat and digital temperature display makes this highly advanced heater easy to use.

Borosilicate glass tube construction provides superior heat and shock resistance and surrounds a high quality, solid ceramic heat radiator that provides the best even heat distribution.

Perfect for freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

Available in 25-300 watt sizes.

  • Fully submersible heater
  • Easy temperature setting
  • Electronic Thermostat computer tested, accurate ±0.7°F
  • Easy to read temperature scale
  • Ceramic heat radiator
  • Borosilicate glass for superior heat and shock resistance

 SPECIAL NOTE for use with Aquarium Controllers:

Please set temperatures higher than temperature of heater on all controllers.
APEX users: Please be sure to plug your Neo-Glass into plug 4 or 8.
Digital Aquatics users: Neo-Glass heaters can be plugged into any port without issue.

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IMPORTANT: Do not plug in heater until instructed.

Attach the suction cups included with the heater to the Mounting Bracket. Slide the bracket over the heater and position bracket so it is snug to the top of the heater thermostat.

Place your heater into your aquarium, ensure that the heater is fully submerged underwater. All Cobalt Aquatics Heaters are fully submersible and should be so to ensure that they are able to correctly read the temperature of your aquarium. Choose an algae-free location and ensure the heating element is not touching any gravel, decoration, or other surfaces and firmly press the suction cups against the aquarium or sump.

Wait at least 15 minutes before pluggin in your heater. When first plugged in the LED's will circle and then display the set temperature and current tank temperature. NOTE: Before plugging in heater, create a "drip loop" to prevent water from reaching any electrical source.

Select the desired temperature by pressing the appropriate button or by turning the appropriate dial. For all Neo heaters, temperature will increase by 2 degrees for each button press. Once the temperature reaches maximum, the next press of the button will cycle the temperature to the lowest temp again. Keep pushing the button until you reach the desired temperature.

Maintenance: To ensure accurate temperature control, regular cleaning of the heater exterior by removing any algae or mineral deposits is recommended.

Special Note for use with Aquarium Controllers: Please set controller temperatures higher than that of your heater.

APEX users: Please be sure to plug your Neo Heaters into Plug 4 or 8.

Digital Auqatics users: Neo Heaters can be plugged into any port without issue.

Tank Size Recommendations

For larger tank sizes it is recommended to use multiple heaters to better disperse the heat through the system. You can use a combination of heaters that add up to the total wattages listed in the recommendations below.

25W - Up to 6 Gallons

50W - Up to 12 Gallons

75W - Up to 20 Gallons

100W - Up to 29 Gallons

150W - Up to 40 Gallons

200W - Up to 55 Gallons

250W - Up to 75 Gallons

300W - Up to 90 Gallons

+100W for every additional 30 Gallons

Product Dimensions

25W/50W - 1.5" x 1.75" x 9.75"

75W/100W - 1.5" x 1.75" x 11"

150W/200W - 1.5" x 1.75" x 12.5"

250W/300W - 1.5" x 1.75" x 14.75"

Shipping Information

Shipping is restricted to the United States and Canada. Due to size and weight restrictions of some shipping carriers, items may be shipped in different containers than advertised. Please allow 48-72 business hours for orders to be processed.

Free Shipping is offered at checkout for all orders that exceed $99 and are shipped to a location within the continental United States of America. Due to weight and size, some items are not included in the Free Shipping promotion. This includes ReeFlowers Salts and Sands, Cobalt C-Vue Aquariums and Stands, and others.

C-Vue aquariums and stands are shipped with flat rate shipping rates, are not eligible for free shipping, and are restricted to the continental USA. Shipping rates are $60 for our 18g and 26g C-Vue aquariums and stands, while our 40g and 45g aquariums and stands ship for $100. Shipping rates are cumulative, as such shipping will be charged for each aquarium/stand added to your cart. Due to their size, some tanks may be shipped via a freight company. If this is the case then an appointment for delivery may be required by the freight company prior to delivery.

C-Vue Shipping Rates

18g/26g Tanks and Stands - $60 each

40g/45g/50g Tanks and Stands - $100 each 

If your shipment is visibly damaged upon receipt, have the delivery person note this at the time of delivery. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, items may be returned within 30 days of purchase and will be exchanged or credited.

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